Bryce Canyon National Park

Views like this are best shared with a kind soul and a cold brew. 

Photo By Dean Chytraus @chytrausphoto

What you'll need to know when visiting    


If you're limited on time or can't hike- Check out Sunrise Point. It is The view to the northeast from Sunrise Point captures Boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship, set against the stark Pink Cliffs of the Aquarius Plateau. Boat Mesa, capped by the resistant rock called "The Conglomerate at Boat Mesa," rises above the hoodoos of Fairyland Canyon to an elevation of 8073 feet.

Did you know? Bryce Canyon National Park has a 7.4 limiting magnitude night sky? In most rural areas of the United States, 2500 stars can be seen on a clear night. At Bryce Canyon, 7500 stars can be seen twinkling.

Watching the warm glow of the sun, slowly melt over the orange Hoo-Doos of Bryce Canyon could easily be one of your most cherished experiences in Utah.


Navajo Loop Trail



When to Hike

Other Activities


Queens Garden Trail

  • Distance: 6.6 Miles Round Trip 

  • Rating: 5 Stars

  • Average Length: 3.5 Hours

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Description: Queens Garden is the easiest trail that descends below Bryce Canyon's Rim. The trailhead is at Sunrise Point and you can hike down and back out OR connect with Navajo Loop Trail for a longer hike. Formations seen include Queens Castle and Queen Victoria. Trail extends 1.7 miles one way. Total elevation ascent/descent is only 320 feet. Most people take 1-2 hours to hike 1-way. Distance between Sunrise and Sunset points on paved rim is .5 mile.

Fairyland Loop Trail

  • Distance: 8.1 Miles Round Trip 

  • Rating: 5 Stars

  • Average Length: 4 Hours

  • Difficulty: Hard

  • Description: This strenuous, but less crowded loop takes you past the China Wall, Tower Bridge, and tall hoodoos. The 8.1 mile loop is strenuous because of the many elevation changes and long mileage.

Hike 4

  • Distance: ?? Miles Round Trip 

  • Rating: ?? Stars

  • Average Length: ?? Hours

  • Difficulty:??

  • Description: ??