Arizona’s desert scenery in my opinion is the only state to match Utah’s unique landscapes. Some of the first trips I went on in the beginning of my devoted exploring days 6 years ago were right here. I hadn’t taken a backpacking trip since scouts when I went 5 years ago to Havasupai. This was before it became a top travel destination a couple of years. Backpacking 35+ miles truly challenged me and I was sore every day but I enjoyed every painful step and was inspired to turn these kind of trips from a “once in a while Vacation” to a way of life. Here are some of my favorite trips i’ve been on in the amazing but unforgiving state, Arizona.


south Coyote Butte/VERMILION Cliff Area


White Pocket

I think I have caught the most beautiful sunrises here in White Pocket! The sky seems to explode with florescent colors every time i’m there. If you shoot for a Wave Permit and don’t get lucky, be sure to bring a 4x4 high clearance vehicle because only about a couple hours away and not very many miles its just a sand trap, you do not need a permit to visit this spectacular location! If you’d like info on how to get here, there are some great directions on this blog.


Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch Wire Pass is a fairly easy hike with a few spots you will need to be able to pull yourself up, if you can manage you will see some beautifully carved walls, petroglyphs and get a sneak peak at the U.S’s longest & Deepest slot canyon. That’s right, Wire Pass is only a 6-7 mile shortcut into the 21 mile long Paria Canyon hike. It can be done in a very long day but most break it up into 2 days. If you are looking for a day hike though, Wire Pass is your best bet!


The Wave

Camping- Your best bet for camping in this area is the State Line Campground located on the Utah/Arizona State line about 1 mile West from the Wave and Buckskin Gulch's Wirepass Trailhead

One of the most popular places that is probably the reason you first heard about this area is the infamous Wave. As you can see below it's a breathtaking place and should probably be on everyone's bucket list but most of you also know that there is a lottery of only 20 people a day drawn out by the BLM. 10 people who are chosen before the trip in advance and the famous morning lottery of 10 lucky people, but what happens if you aren't chosen? Don't worry, all is not lost. There is plenty in this area to make it just as unforgettable. Check out some fantastic places right next to the Wave below. 



Please Enjoy some of my favorite views of my 2nd trip to Havasupai, if you are looking for more information to take your own trip, please check out my blog full of info by clicking Below


We spent our Christmas in Sedona 2 years ago, I’m just realizing that we love to go to Arizona for Christmas break?! Sedona lived up to everything that you’ve heard. It is truly an inspiring location and has a cozy little town similar to Moab or Springdale in Utah if you’ve been. Lots of great places to eat, unique shops, art and wine. The whole bag of marbles you could say. We spent Christmas even in a hotel because it still gets pretty cold in December there, we did camp a couple nights and woke up to a frozen over tent one of the mornings. This may of been the coldest Michelle has ever gotten on a trip lol Being on the other side of Flagstaff with a high enough elevation where people are skiing, it makes sense.

Here were our favorite things to do there in a short, colder weekend





Canyon De Chelly

Last year when we were getting hit with a mega snowstorm as we often are that week of Christmas, my wife, Michelle and I decided we’d finally go check out Canyon De “chelly” which is actually pronounced “shay” but try tell her that, she said it was named after her :) We barely stayed ahead of the storm and made it safe and enjoyed the one day we had before the winds and snow blew in.




Panhandling Souvenirs


Grand Canyon National Park